A brief introduction to butylammonium black medicine

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  Nowadays, with the rapid development of medicine, more and more medicaments have been born based on various effects, but not every kind of medicine is known to us. So today we come to understand the butyl ammonium black medicine, which is mainly used as a floating medicine. Choose the medicine to use, then what are its specific components and what is used for it, how to use it, let's learn together next:

  The main components of butylammonium black medicine are: dibutyl ammonium dithiophosphate greater than about 91; free alkali content greater than about 0.2; water content and volatile matter: about 4.0%;

  Because butylammonium black medicine is composed of the above ingredients, it has a slight irritant and corrosive effect on the human skin. It is a low-toxic substance and is flammable. When using it, it must be anti-toxic and fireproof. When working and storing, the requirements for the environment are a cool, ventilated place, moisture-proof, fire-proof, and anti-exposure.

  Butylammonium black medicine is white to off-white powder, tasteless, deliquescent in the air, soluble in water, and chemically stable. Butylammonium black powder is generally used as an excellent collector for non-ferrous metal sulfide ore, and it has a certain degree of foaming. It has a special sorting effect on copper, lead, silver and activated zinc sulfide ore and refractory polymetallic ore. It has weak collection performance for pyrite and pyrrhotite in weak alkaline slurry, and Galena has a strong collection capacity. It can also be used for the flotation of nickel and antimony sulfide ore, especially for difficult-to-select nickel sulfide ore, sulfide nickel monoxide mixed ore and sulfide ore, and it is more effective with gangue middle ore. According to research, the use of butylammonium black medicine is also beneficial to improve the recovery of platinum, gold, and silver.

  In summary, do you know more about butylammonium black medicine? I hope the above can be of some help to everyone.