Storage and application of butylammonium black medicine

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  Butylammonium black medicine is black granular and easily soluble in water. Black medicine has a wide range of uses. It is used as a vulcanization accelerator in the rubber industry. In analytical chemistry, potassium ethyl blackortate is used as a precipitation agent and colorimetric reagent for metal ions such as copper and nickel. In the metallurgical industry, black medicine is used as a precipitation from solution. Cobalt and nickel reagents, sodium cellulose black orthogenate are used to make man-made fibers.

  Butylammonium black medicine should be packed in iron drums or bags, with a net weight of 1.10kg or 150kg per barrel, and a net weight of 50kg per bag. Other packaging forms and specifications can also be used according to user needs. Storage: Moisture-proof, heat-proof and fire-proof.

  Butylammonium black medicine collects sulfide ore, not gold and silver, because gold and silver are not sulfide ore. If gold and silver and sulfide ore coexist, they can float up simultaneously when selecting lead and zinc, and then enter the lead concentrate and zinc concentrate.

  In the beneficiation industry, it is inseparable from the participation of butylammonium black medicine. As a common beneficiation agent, it has an irreplaceable effect. In short, butylamine black medicine is a kind of beneficiation agent with good use effect. Its appearance is It is white to off-white, sometimes in the form of slightly pink fine particles to powder. In the ore dressing work, it will show stable flotation performance.

  Butylammonium black medicine is a white powdery solid, odorless, non-irritating odor, soluble in water, and can be deliquescent in the air. Where can such butylammonium black medicine be used? But in the beneficiation industry, it is absolutely inevitable to leave the participation of butylammonium black medicine. As a common beneficiation agent, it has an irreplaceable role.

  Butylammonium black medicine has both foaming agent and collector, mainly for non-ferrous metal ores. It has a special sorting effect for copper, silver, sulfide ore, and difficult-to-select metal ore. When conducting flotation operations for weak alkaline pulp, the collection effect of pyrite and pyrrhotite is weak, while the collection capacity of galena butylated ammonium black powder is very strong.

  Butylammonium black powder can also be used in the flotation operation of nickel and antimony sulfide ore. The effect is very obvious for mixed nickel sulfide ore and nickel sulfide ore, sulfide ore and gangue ore which are difficult to choose. These are proved by a large number of practical results. The use of butylammonium black medicine is beneficial to the recovery of platinum, gold and silver.

  All in all, butylammonium black medicine has a very obvious beneficiation effect. It appears white to gray, and occasionally shows a slight pink fine particle to powder. In the process of ore dressing operations, occasionally stable flotation performance will be shown. If butyl ammonium black medicine is used instead of xanthate floating gold, the recovery rate of gold and the grade of concentrate will be significantly improved.