Explanation of the selection method of dust collector in beneficiation equipment

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In the production process of mines and concentrators, dust will be generated in many beneficiation equipment processes. In order to make the dust producing points of the concentrator meet the national standard production conditions and the exhaust gas discharged to meet the national emission standards, control the dust generated at the dust producing points , This requires good beneficiation equipment. According to the characteristics and properties of mine dust, mine dust collectors are the most ideal choice. Mine dust collectors have been widely used nationwide and have achieved relatively ideal operating results.
Explanation of the selection method of dust collector in beneficiation equipment
  1. The dust collector of the mine raw material crushing system is used for the feed port, the discharge port, the upper part of the vibrating screen and the transfer point of the belt conveyor of the raw material ore, lump ore, limestone, dolomite, bauxite, raw coal and other raw materials. Airtight devices or dust collecting hoods should be installed in other parts, and double-layer airtight hoods should be set up at the transfer point receiving materials to cover the dust-producing equipment with a closed cover, or make a dust collection chamber to form a uniform negative pressure in the hood to prevent dust from escaping. Or use an open suction hood to form a suction and catch airflow to control the exposed dusting area in a narrow range, so that the dust-carrying airflow is sucked and sucked away, purified by the dust collector, and discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust pipe (or chimney) .
  2. Dust removal measures should be taken for the unloading car above the tank and the quantitative feeding station under the tank of the mixing batching tank. The dust generated by the unloading truck on the trough can be used with a mobile air vent venting trough or a vehicle-mounted dust collector, or a large-volume airtight cover can be set. A double-layer airtight cover should be provided for the dust generated by the quantitative unloading device under the trough. For dust in the mixing batching tank, an independent dry dust removal system should be set up, and a bag dust collector should be used.
  3. Professional measures should be taken for the raw coal crushing and conveying dust removal system. The dust collector is a bag filter, and the dust bag should have anti-static function; the system and equipment should be electrostatically grounded, and an explosion venting device should be provided. The ash hopper should take heat preservation or heat tracing measures.
  4. The ventilation and dust removal system of the raw material storage yard includes ore crushing, screening and dust removal system, limestone crushing, screening and dust removal system, aluminum ore crushing and dust removal system, and coal crushing and dust removal system. For dust-generating points with concentrated dust-generating equipment, the same nature of dust, and the same working system, try to use a large centralized dust removal system to facilitate management, such as limestone crushing, screening and dust removal systems, as many as dozens of dust generating points are concentrated in a large system in. Otherwise, a small decentralized system can be used. Dry high-efficiency bag filters are mostly used in various dust removal systems.
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